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Superior Court Announces Online Transcript Request Program

Effective April 1, 2014, transcripts in civil, probate, and mental health proceedings where there was a court reporter can be ordered online. The online request is available from the Court’s public website, www.occourts.org, accessed from the pull-down menu under: QUICK LINKS, How Do I … Request a Transcript? Santa Ana, CA – Orange County is […]

To Eliminate Tenure or Not to Eliminate?

The closely watched suit challenging five California statutes governing teacher protections came to a conclusion yesterday, as lawyers for the plaintiffs and defendents in Vergara v. California made their closing arguments. (Both LA School Report and The Los Angeles Times have good summaries for you.) According to Education Week, March 28, 2014 – The closely […]

LA Times Says Temporary Settlement Reached in Court Reporters Dispute

In a temporary settlement of a dispute that led employees to picket in front of the county courthouse last year, about 100 court reporters will get $2,300 each to help cover a huge jump in their health care costs. But the payments aren’t a permanent fix, and talks will restart in September between the reporters’ […]