We have you covered Nationwide for Process Serving. With our huge network of licensed process servers-you are covered in all 50 states.

We are licensed with NAPPS which stands for: National Association of Professional Process Servers.  We have you covered in any city, town, or state throughout the Nation. This is the Angie’s List of  Attorney Services in our industry.

Simply scan and email us the Summons and Complaint or login to your portal and submit. It’s that easy. We have full tracking on all of your services including National Services.

Priority Types:

  • Standard: 1st attempt within 72 hours
  • Today: 1st attempt today
  • Special: 1st attempt today (Specific Time)

Services Include:

  • 4 attempts included
  • Status updates available 24/7
  • GPS coordinates & time stamp on attempts & service
  • Photos attached to order accessible through Web Portal
  • Proof of Service included