About Kamryn Villegas

Co-founder of KW Reporting, Kamryn is a graduate of South Coast College and has been reporting throughout the legal industry since 2008. Her expertise keeping a perfect record is rarely matched, due to her years of experience in many technical legal matters including cases involving asbestos and mesothelioma, family law, medical malpractice and expert medical testimony. “Finding a reporter that can confidently transcribe depositions across a multitude of highly technical and detailed legal matters is extremely important. At KW Court Reporting, we pride ourselves in offering only the best and most experienced reporters capable of transcribing the most difficult cases,” says Kamryn.

Kamryn’s career has been focused on providing reporting services outside of the courtroom, handling a wide variety of reporting tasks, including high-profile depositions, large public and private sector meetings with over 100 attendees, depositions involving expert testimony, interpreted and videotaped depositions, and highly-classified information.

Using these experiences, Kamryn can easily handle a meeting of any size or deposition on any subject. After working for one of the largest court reporting agencies in the nation, Kamryn was compelled to start KW Reporting with Whitney in order to develop more personal relationships with her clients and fill the gaps in service that she saw in other large court reporting firms. Drawing on her experience, Kamryn works hard to ensure that each of the firm’s clients receives the personal attention they deserve.