KW proudly works with the best legal videographers in the industrusty. Our team provides constant attention to detail and goes above and beyond for every client. Our videographers provides the highest quality work product and support possible. Check out more of our services!


  • Videotape Depositions

    Utilizing video is an outstanding method to capture a witness’s testimony for use at a later date. We have a team of highly trained in-house legal videographers that are ready to cover your next deposition.

  • Independent Medical Exams

    Video recording Independent Medical Exams is an important tool when capturing how a medical examination was conducted. We have videographers that have undergone additional training on how to comport themselves
    during this examination.

  • Day-in-the-Life Video

    Day-in-the-Life Video is an excellent way to capture a person’s daily activity after they sustain an injury. It will generally show the struggles they encounter on a daily basis and their required medical care.

  • Site Inspections

    A site inspection typically consists of video recording evidence at a remote location that will be used at a later date in court.

  • Picture in Picture

    Picture in Picture is an excellent way to simultaneously capture the exchange of exhibits between counsel and a witness during a deposition.

  • Streaming Video

    Our videographers can “livestream” a live deposition so anyone, anywhere in the world can watch the deposition live. This is an excellent way for co-counsel to watch a deposition without being there.

  • Videoconferencing

    We offer Videoconferencing services, which allows you to fully participate in a deposition from a remote location. We will do all of the leg-work and testing to ensure the event goes smoothly. Please contact our office for more details.

  • Synchronized Video Transcript

    Synchronization is a process that combines the video and the transcript together. This allows you to search for “keywords” in the transcript, make video snippets and play exactly the desired testimony. Please inquire regarding
    the best format to meet your needs.

  • Post Production

    Our office is fully equipped to handle all of your post production need to include, but not limited to, video editing & duplication, video conversion, audio conversion.

  • Equipment Rental

    If you are in need of additional equipment for a deposition, trial, or any other legal proceeding, we can help. Our list of available equipment consist of document camera (Elmo), laptops, monitors, large screen, projector, media player. Please contact our office for a complete list.